Social Networking Application

If you are not active on social media, you are better off being out of business. We help you in maximizing your online presence by providing excellent social media networking applications and ranking high on the search engines.

Being active on social media networks is integral to the successful growth of any business. Our social media networking applications, with their interactive interfaces, open up new vistas to optimize your presence on the online scene. We have a professional team of qualifies experts who study your core business requirements and develop appropriate social media software to maximize your business strategies.

If having an online presence is crucial to meet your business needs, social media networking is critical to its continuous growth and success. Social media platforms provide excellent opportunities to connect with existing and new customers. We offer an interactive user interface to make it convenient for business entities to communicate with their customers. Our experts employ the latest technologies available to develop user-friendly social media applications to attract and retain customers.

Our Highlights

Strategy and Consulting

Our strategy involves incorporating analytical features to track users and understand how they use social media to interact with each other. We have the expertise to help users achieve what they wish to accomplish.

Social Integration

Optimization of costs and reducing the development time are our prime concerns. Social integration helps to increase business agility and attain high organizational efficiency levels.

Community Solutions

Social media networking is the best way to improve customer relationships. We create interactive websites for small and medium business entities that allow easy and inexpensive connectivity.

Corporate Reputation and Compliance

While catering to small and medium businesses, our experts understand the importance of maintaining the corporate culture. We know that a useful social media networking application can help corporate entities to maintain their reputation and adhere to ethics simultaneously.

Core Features of our social network applications

We believe in building user-friendly social media networking applications comprising of innovative features that help optimize your core business requirements.

  • Secure member registration and login procedure
  • Multifunctionality Section including a search feature
  • User profile and user reply profile module
  • Blog Post module
  • Content Management module
  • Manage your favorite items
  • Mailbox module for enhanced communication
  • Search user module for greater convenience
  • Group category module for easy classification of customers
  • Different types of admin modules including Mater Admin and Topic Admin
  • Customer support module using voice and video chats

Domain Expertise

Social media networking works best in a cross-platform environment. Our team of professionals uses suitable design methodology to build user-friendly, interactive, and intuitive apps to make it easy for businesses to integrate with their customers on social media platforms.

  • Social Networking Portal Development – User-friendly portals that allow seamless interaction
  • Anonymous Sharing Portal Development – Maintain your privacy while sharing content and interacting with customers.
  • Chatting Apps – Have a great time communicating with friends on social media.
  • Dating Apps and Portal – An excellent and healthy pastime while building deep relationships simultaneously.
  • Phonebook-based network – Invite friends and contacts with convenience.
  • Facebook API Integrate – Integrate with contacts on Facebook.

Social Networking Portal Development

Interacting with business contacts is one aspect of social media networking. Our services include developing customized social networking solutions and portal development designs. While being user-friendly and innovative, our social networking solutions help businesses rank high on the search engine.

Advantages of using our social networking application services

  • Easy to manage – Our user-friendly social networking portals enhance user experience to an entirely different level.
  • Save Time – Customizable applications that help businesses to save valuable time
  • Have complete control – We ensure that our customers have the entire control to improve and upgrade social media apps.

Low on the budget – Our USP is in developing excellent social media networking solutions at affordable costs.